Commercial and utility-scale services.

Cobolt Blue Energy has its roots in a commercial background with many years of experience working in the B2B sector. We have brought all of this knowledge and experience into the support we give our commercial clients and are able to work at scale, with all the inherent compliance requirements.

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Commercial premises are increasingly turning to solar energy to address rising energy costs whilst producing energy that can be sold back to the national grid. Cobolt Blue Energy are experienced project managers that will take control of the entire installation process. We understand the importance of reducing downtime and working flexibly around your existing operation and are ready to consult with you on your requirements.

Local Authorities and Housing Associations

Cobolt Blue Energy have great links with local authorities and housing associations and are able to leverage our capabilities at scale for systems across your housing stock or council buildings. Our professional approach means that you can rely on us to professionally project manage and ensure that the needs of clients are dealt with appropriately.

Utility-Scale Services

Cobolt Blue Energy is your partner for the largest and most complex projects. We work with technology partners that can supply at scale and provide monitoring of an entire installation of panels at a glance. Our panels, batteries and inverters have class-leading guarantees, providing you with the peace of mind you need for a large scale install.

Commercial Products

Solar Panels
We know that your choice of solar panels is critical, driven by reliability, sustainability, efficiency and durability. Our solar panel partner, Meyer Burger leads the field in PV technology by manufacturing panels that will become the centre of your solar power system.

  • Meyer Burger offer a class-leading 30 year guarantee
  • Meyer Burger panels are manufactured and imported from Germany, reducing their carbon footprint
  • Meyer Burger panels feature cutting-edge technology that maximises energy yield

We are proud to partner with:

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Storage options are now more accessible and efficient than ever. This brings a new dimension to commercial installations so that you are not restricted to managing your energy use during the day, or during the summer months.
Cobolt Blue Energy can supply 48V batteries with the ability to integrate with three phase inverters and house both on-grid and backup energy. These batteries can be combined up to a total of five per inverter, providing true economies of scale and lower installation and maintenance costs.

Three Phase Inverters
Cobolt Blue Energy can supply a range of easy-to-install three phase inverters that will maximise energy production whilst being extremely reliable. We also supply options with Solar Edge’s ‘Synergy Technology’, which reduces maintenance time, boosts system uptime and enables full system visibility and accurate troubleshooting with the ability to solve basic issues without the need for a maintenance visit. 

Power Optimisers
Power Optimisers increase system uptime, ensure safe conditions and increase return on investment, and by tracking each individual panel’s maximum power output and providing clear data, overall energy yield can be optimised. Power Optimisers can support and future-proof large scale, complex installations by being used at differing orientations and on different panel types.

Monitoring Platform Software
We understand that time is money, and therefore access to clear, precise monitoring data is an important part of your commercial installation. Solar Edge products use Monitoring Platform software that forms a complete data eco-system, providing you with 360° visibility of system performance through their monitoring platform, 24 hours per day. Their monitoring platform software can be used across multiple sites and can provide data on an individual panel basis.

The Blue Thread™

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Why Cobolt Blue Energy?

As a commercial customer, we understand that there are a number of things that are critical to your decision to move to renewable energy:

Now more than ever, businesses are being asked to deliver on their environmental promises. Contracts can be won or lost based on provable, tangible commitments to the green agenda. Cobolt Blue Energy are a values-driven business that are committed to a sustainable future.

Health and Safety
Cobolt Blue Energy are from a compliance background, and understand that ensuring the health and safety of our installers and your colleagues is critical.

What makes Cobolt Blue Energy different is that we concentrate on complete project management. We are here to curate product suppliers and installers on your behalf. Our back-office is focussed on the customer journey, from our first conversations captured on our CRM, to our after-service and audit visits, the documentation for which is also kept digitally.
Cobolt Blue Energy: Comprehensive, high quality and sustainable energy services.

Case Studies

Cobolt Blue Energy are passionate about working in the renewable industry. Our sector is fast-moving and complex, which is why we aim to share our knowledge in order that you can make a fully informed decision about your solar panel system.

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Partnered with

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Meyer Burger produce some of the world’s most efficient and sustainable solar cells and panels. Their leading-edge solar cells and panels are all manufactured in central Europe from factories that operate on renewable energy. As a specialist partner, Cobolt Blue Energy work on a strategic level with Meyer Burger and are able to consult with them directly on your requirements.


What Clients Say About Meyer Burger Solar Panels

Customer feedback is a key part of our quality assurance process. Here is some of the feedback that we have received about the quality of the Meyer Burger Solar Panels that we supply.

Meyer Burger was recommended to us because it is a German brand manufacturer with reliable quality in production. This is something that is also important for our business. Our customers also expect very high quality from our business and I have the same demand for a photovoltaic system. I am totally happy and would recommend Meyer Burger in any case.
Detlef Crützen, Managing Director Crützen Floristik
Our customers choose us because we focus on quality and attractive design. Meyer Burger is the best choice to meet all requirements for a perfect installation. All aspects of quality, performance, aesthetics and warranty come together here to form one large entity.
Robert Nordh, Managing Director, Nordh Energy Solar AB
With solar modules from Meyer Burger, we consciously opted for a product that is manufactured in Germany according to high quality and social standards. The short supply chains in production make the module even more sustainable. Meyer Burger Glass was chosen due to special fire protection requirements in the densely built-up centreof Freiberg. In combination with an energy storage system, we are able to largely cover the annual electricity demand with self generated green electricity. Of course, this is particularly worthwhile for heat pump operation.
Torsten Bergt, homeowner
We would recommend Meyer Burger based on the good quality of the products themselves. Production takes place in Germany, which was a key criterion for us in the selection process, and we were also extremely happy with the customer service we received. We would therefore definitely have Meyer Burger products installed on one of our multi-storey car parks again.
Daniela Bast, Commercial Management, Städt. Wohnungsbau GmbH Straubing

Partnered with

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Founded in 2006, SolarEdge has already revolutionised the solar industry with game-changing innovations that improve energy efficiency and maximise production. Through their steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability, they really are leading the way towards a brighter future. We are proud to be one of their Preferred Partners and be able to bring their innovative SMART solutions to the marketplace. Coupled with the technologically advanced Meyer Burger panels, we firmly believe we have curated the best solutions on the market.

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