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Our job is to curate the very best renewable energy suppliers in the world to ensure that your installation is optimised.

All of our partners have successfully passed our rigorous vetting process; not only must they be best-in-class, but they must also share our values.

Meyer Burger

We are proud to work with Meyer Burger – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-output solar cells and solar panels for commercial and residential properties. Cobolt Blue Energy are a ‘specialist partner’ of Meyer Burger, meaning that rather than having a simple customer/ supplier relationship, we can consult strategically with their engineering experts on projects if required. Meyer Burger combines cutting-edge technology with tradition and the courage to lead PV into a new era. For almost 70 years, the company has been the backbone of the industry. Meyer Burger was established in 1953, employs over 1300 people and distributes its panels globally.

Here’s what makes their products special:

Brilliant green credentials

  • All Meyer Burger panels are 100% free of lead and PFAS.
  • A reduced volume of solvents are used in production.
  • They are committed to a sustainable strategy, including the fact that all of their panels can be returned for recycling.
  • Meyer Burger solar cells and solar panels are manufactured in Germany from factories that operate completely using renewable energy.
  • Short transport routes, secure supply chains and regional added value through cooperation with local and European suppliers safeguard jobs and ensure CO2 savings.

Solar Edge


Solar storage and backup technology is now sufficiently advanced to ensure that the power generated by your system can be stored in batteries on your property.
However, not all storage solutions work with the same level of efficiency, and inefficiencies mean loss of energy. Solar Edge storage batteries are incredibly efficient, meaning that they are capable of retrieving up to 94.5% of all stored power (a measure known as ‘Round Trip Efficiency’).

Solar Edge batteries are designed to be plug and play, so that installation is quick and easy. They are also designed to be combined with additional batteries further down the line, too, as part of a holistic storage system.


‘mySolarEdge’ is an app for households that enables configuration and monitoring of each panel within your installation. It is so simple to use, and can be installed on any portable device. In the unlikely event of any problems, it will help you troubleshoot and solve any basic issues without the need for a maintenance visit. mySolarEdge is a key part of Cobolt Blue Energy’s aim to ‘Give you the power’ as it is a great solution for putting you in control.

The Solar Edge ‘Monitoring Platform’ is a software solution for commercial clients that affords brilliant insights right across a fleet of panels. With real-time data insights, it is a scalable platform that will put you in control of the performance of your fleet, on an individual panel basis. The Monitoring Platform is intuitive to use, and includes remote troubleshooting and diagnosis tools to ensure that uptime is optimised.


What Clients Say About Meyer Burger Solar Panels

Customer feedback is a key part of our quality assurance process. Here is some of the feedback that we have received about the quality of the Meyer Burger Solar Panels that we supply.

Meyer Burger was recommended to us because it is a German brand manufacturer with reliable quality in production. This is something that is also important for our business. Our customers also expect very high quality from our business and I have the same demand for a photovoltaic system. I am totally happy and would recommend Meyer Burger in any case.
Detlef Crützen, Managing Director Crützen Floristik
Our customers choose us because we focus on quality and attractive design. Meyer Burger is the best choice to meet all requirements for a perfect installation. All aspects of quality, performance, aesthetics and warranty come together here to form one large entity.
Robert Nordh, Managing Director, Nordh Energy Solar AB
With solar modules from Meyer Burger, we consciously opted for a product that is manufactured in Germany according to high quality and social standards. The short supply chains in production make the module even more sustainable. Meyer Burger Glass was chosen due to special fire protection requirements in the densely built-up centreof Freiberg. In combination with an energy storage system, we are able to largely cover the annual electricity demand with self generated green electricity. Of course, this is particularly worthwhile for heat pump operation.
Torsten Bergt, homeowner
We would recommend Meyer Burger based on the good quality of the products themselves. Production takes place in Germany, which was a key criterion for us in the selection process, and we were also extremely happy with the customer service we received. We would therefore definitely have Meyer Burger products installed on one of our multi-storey car parks again.
Daniela Bast, Commercial Management, Städt. Wohnungsbau GmbH Straubing
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