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What makes Cobolt Blue Energy different is that we project manage the entirety of your installation, from the first time we meet until everything has been signed off.

The Blue Thread™


Initial Meeting

Cobolt Blue Energy understand the importance of building a professional relationship with all of our customers. The first time we meet is the first opportunity we have to build a bond of trust with our customers, which is why it is important to us. We will meet with you personally to explain the potential install in detail, and to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. We will work closely with you to fully understand your goals so that we can determine the best solution for you.

We will provide you with a clear breakdown of how much energy your property can yield from the power of the sun; and we will clarify how much energy you wish to store, or whether you wish to exceed your own requirements and generate excess capacity to sell back to the grid. Soon after our initial meeting, we will provide you with a clear quotation providing all of the costs for all of the options available to you.


Site Survey

We are an experienced team of compliance auditors who specialise in the renewable energy field. Prior to any project commencement, we will carry out an initial desktop survey followed by a site survey to enable us to design the installation. The design will follow best-practice guidelines, and will be focussed on maximising your use of renewable energy within the context of your building.

The site survey will enable us to ensure we are recommending the best equipment for your project. And, since different installers have differing areas of expertise, we will ensure that we match the right installer for your project.

We will also introduce you the actual product so you can see it, feel it, and better understand and appreciate how it differs from many other products on the Solar PV market. A full overview of the product and the benefits it brings to your home or business, will be comprehensively explained.

We will then provide our quotation including all options open and available to you for your perusal and investment.


System set-up

All projects are entered into our customer relationship management (CRM) software and all paperwork is digitised as soon as is practical. The CRM is a hub for all contractual paperwork, records of communications, solar PV designs as well as holding contact information for all parties. Our system empowers us to manage the project with accuracy and transparency. It also enables us to operate an operation that reduces paper usage, which supports our ethical values.


Your Deposit

Your peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we work with a government approved deposit scheme to guarantee the security of your deposit. For our residential customers, every installation is covered by the HIES – Home Insulation and Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme.


Project Management

Cobolt Blue Energy have selected the best installers in the UK. Through a rigorous vetting process, we have built a network of trusted partners who share our values and subscribe to our Installer Blue Standard. This leaves us to concentrate on our role and expertise, which is project management.

As your single point of contact, we will always be there to respond to any questions or concerns. We ensure that all key stake holders are aligned and totally focussed on delivering the best product for your investment. Our class-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables us to respond quickly and accurately.


Quality Assurance

We will carry out a quality assurance visit and audit to ensure that the performance of your system is optimised, and we will complete a thorough handover with you.

During this process we will show you how to monitor the system and provide guidance on how to interpret the data that is produced. This is all accessed via an app which gives you complete power to manage your own harvested energy. If you want to bank it in the batteries, you can, if you want to use it as it is generated you can. If you want to send it back to the grid while away on holiday, you can, or you can do all 3 at peak times.

We will ensure all internal paperwork, compliance paperwork and guarantees are completed. We then remain your critical partner, providing support, advice, and expansion of your system should your needs change over time.


What Clients Say About Meyer Burger Solar Panels

Customer feedback is a key part of our quality assurance process. Here is some of the feedback that we have received about the quality of the Meyer Burger Solar Panels that we supply.

Meyer Burger was recommended to us because it is a German brand manufacturer with reliable quality in production. This is something that is also important for our business. Our customers also expect very high quality from our business and I have the same demand for a photovoltaic system. I am totally happy and would recommend Meyer Burger in any case.
Detlef Crützen, Managing Director Crützen Floristik
Our customers choose us because we focus on quality and attractive design. Meyer Burger is the best choice to meet all requirements for a perfect installation. All aspects of quality, performance, aesthetics and warranty come together here to form one large entity.
Robert Nordh, Managing Director, Nordh Energy Solar AB
With solar modules from Meyer Burger, we consciously opted for a product that is manufactured in Germany according to high quality and social standards. The short supply chains in production make the module even more sustainable. Meyer Burger Glass was chosen due to special fire protection requirements in the densely built-up centreof Freiberg. In combination with an energy storage system, we are able to largely cover the annual electricity demand with self generated green electricity. Of course, this is particularly worthwhile for heat pump operation.
Torsten Bergt, homeowner
We would recommend Meyer Burger based on the good quality of the products themselves. Production takes place in Germany, which was a key criterion for us in the selection process, and we were also extremely happy with the customer service we received. We would therefore definitely have Meyer Burger products installed on one of our multi-storey car parks again.
Daniela Bast, Commercial Management, Städt. Wohnungsbau GmbH Straubing
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