When Cobolt Blue Energy was launched, there was only one supplier of solar panels that we could seriously consider: Meyer Burger. This is because our sustainable goals are completely aligned with theirs. Meyer Burger are on their way to manufacturing the most sustainable solar modules in the world. 

This is why:

Meyer Burger supply chain
Meyer Burger is a Swiss company that manufacture their cells and panels in Germany; in fact, they are the only company that manufactures both: cells and panels in Germany! The company is intent on corralling a community of suppliers within Europe, to ensure that its main market can be supplied from a relatively local source. In 2023, 96% of the suppliers to Meyer Burger are in Europe, with an incredible 91% of these being within Germany itself meaning that we can assure you of short transport and delivery routes, and secure supply chains thanks to regional partners.

Meyer Burger panel efficiency
Meyer Burger’s solar panels lead the way with technological innovations designed to increase efficiency. With patented technologies such as SmartWire and Heterojunction, Meyer Burger cells and panels can deliver more power than alternatives.

Meyer Burger panel durability
Meyer Burger is an established company, who have been involved in the solar power production chain since the 1980’s. This means that they have the data to prove the durability of their panels. This lends itself to a class-leading warranty: You can get your Meyer Burger panels guaranteed for up to 30 years of use.

Materials used in Meyer Burger panels
From their laboratories in Switzerland to their state-of-the-art factories in Germany’s solar valley, the focus is entirely on sustainability. As a result Meyer Burger can boast that their complete portfolio of high-performance modules contain no lead and are certified PFAS-free.

Green factories
In complete alignment with their sustainability agenda, 100% renewable energies are used in manufacture of all Meyer Burger solar cells and modules.

Green Credentials
Meyer Burger has joined the United Nations Global Compact, which is a voluntary platform for leaders to meet and support the development, implementation and distribution of responsible business practices. You can learn more about the UNGC here.